Overview of Using SoftOrganiser

SoftOrganiser tries to emulate a simple pocket organiser. It has a screen for entering personal and company details, and a screen for entering schedules. These screens are referred to as tabs, because you can go from one tab to another by clicking on the name at the top of either of these "tab cards".

Schedules can have alarms set for them, and an optional pre-alarm (for example, to warn you a few days before something is due). As well as setting alarms for dates and times (like the dreaded mother-in-law's birthday), alarms can also be set by rules, such as "the first Monday of every month". Alarm setting by rules is handy, for example, for reminding yourself of regular meetings that clubs might have.

The contacts page can store individuals and/or companies, and/or associate them with each other.

For example, you may want to keep details of a number of people that work for a company, say, Sarah in accounts, Steve in sales and John in the delivery department of your stationary supplier. The company will have its own phone number (for ringing the receptionist) and, as well as being contactable through reception, each person will probably have their own email address and direct phone number.

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