Managing Preferences


The preferences screen can be launched from the edit menu. It also appears the first time the program is run. You can change usernames, and passwords (and a few other things) using this dialog box.

If you add a non-existent username the program will ask you to confirm this. If you change your password, you will be asked to enter the password a second time for verification.

Important: If you add a password for the username, the program will ask you for this password every time the program is started. If you leave this blank, the program will simply run without asking you.

You can also change the "snooze" time for alarms to be longer or shorter if you like. This is the time the program will wait before reminding you of an alarm again, whenever you click the snooze button on the dialog that springs up in front of you to announce the alarm.

It is not advised that you select a different datasource than the one that is already highlighted (softorganiser data). If you bump the mouse or accidentally change this any other way, you'll need to change the datasource back to softorganiser data (or what ever you called it if you've changed things around a bit).

Some database files need a directory entered here. This isn't needed while softorganiser is setup the way it is under windows at the moment, using a Microsoft Access 97 format database file.


If you have any problems at all, I'd love to hear from you!

Gary Williams