Keyboard Shortcuts (hotkeys)



Control + Tab

Switch between tabs

Control + Right arrow

Next Schedule or Contact

Control + Left arrow

Prev Schedule or Contact

Control + Home

The very first Schedule or Contact

Control + End

The very last Schedule or Contact

F3 (function key 3)

Search schedules or contacts

F1 (function key 1)



Note: the same hotkeys can be used in most places of the program. In most cases, these hotkeys will do the same thing to whichever part of the program you are in. For example, holding down control while you touch the right arrow (control + right arrow) will take you to the next schedule if you are looking at the schedules screen, or it will take you to the next contact if you are looking at the contacts screen. In the latter case, the control + right arrow won't affect the part of the program not shown at the moment, ie if you then show the schedules panel, the program will still be displaying the same schedule it was a moment ago, before you advanced the contacts panel with control + right arrow when it was on display a moment ago.