Creating And Changing Contacts

SoftOrganiser distinguishes between "individuals" and "companies", and can associate these with each other. To make things simpler (hopefully not more confusing!), the word contact anywhere else in this help file indicates an "individual contact", and of course, "company" means an entry for a company.

To create a new (individual) contact, click the "Create" button. You are then presented with a blank contactů type information into any of the fields, and when you are finished entering data, click the "Save" button to save this individual.

You can also set the group that owns this contact by pulling down the menu. Click here to find out more about users and groups

Important: This new individual does not actually exist until you save the details. If you cancel this operation or quit the program instead of clicking "save" to save your changes (a newly created individual), you'll lose your changes.

Note: You must be viewing the contacts "panel" of the application before you can work with contacts. To bring this part of the program to the front, click on the word contacts at the top of the contacts tab.


also see creating companies