Troubleshooting SoftOrganiser

Program won't run:

If SoftOrganiser gives an error instead of starting up, acknowledge the error and try again. If the problem persists, consider restarting your computer, just to make sure the problem lies with SoftOrganiser, rather than an "unhealthy" computer.

If you're sure it's SoftOrganiser that is playing up, delete the config file. The install program suggests installing SoftOrganiser to "c:\program files\softorganiser". Go to this folder (or wherever you installed the program), and delete the file called softorganiser.cfg.

Now when you run the program it should think it has never been run before, and throw up a preferences screen. Select the datasource name (normally softorganiser data or similar), enter your username and password (if you want to be prompted for a password whenever the program is run).