Troubleshooting SoftOrganiser

Manually Setting up the Database for softorganiser under Windows. You only need to do this if setup fails for some reason. Always try to run the install program a second time before attempting to do this yourself. There are only two steps required to setup this program... you must work through these, or the program won't run.

Click here if you have been using a version of SoftOrganiser that was released prior to 30th August 2000 and want to keep using contacts and schedules you've already stored. The data from any version of SoftOrganiser released after 30th August is compatible with the newer versions of the program.

Chances are the install program has copied across all the files, but failed to set up the ODBC control panel properly. If this is the case go to step 1 below and setup a Data Source Name (DSN) in that control panel. If you find that files are missing, particularly the database file, you'll need to download the zip file and unzip and copy these files across yourself… then go to step 1 below and set up the DSN.

Once you've unzipped your files, copy the database file wherever you want your shared contacts and schedules to be stored. The best place is a folder that you backup regularly, like "my documents", or some other folder you store all your work in.


Step 1: Set up the ODBC control panel

On the computer, (or each of the computers), that you want to run softorganiser on, use the start menu, then settings to open the control panel window, and you should see something like ODBC Data sources, or 32 bit ODBC controls. Double-click to run this "control panel", and then you should have an "add" button on the right. Select Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb), and then click finish.

You'll now have a dialog box asking you where you put your "shared contacts.mdb" file, and asking for a "Data Source Name". Press select and go hunting to find and select your "shared contacts.mdb file, and after that type "Shared Contacts" into the Data source name field.

Note that you can put this file somewhere else on the network, where many users access it.


Once you've set up the shared contacts data source like this, you should be able to run the program.


Step 2: Run the program and create a username for yourself

The first time you run the softorganiser program, it is important that you create a user for yourself (otherwise you will stay logged on as a user called gary… the user name of the program's author). This is especially important if the program will be installed on several computers that will share contact and schedule details.

If you need to change this after the program has been run the first time, pull down the edit menu, and select preferences. In the dialog box that appears, enter the username you want to use in the field for it.

You can also change the "snooze" time for alarms to be longer or shorter if you like. (This is the time the program will wait before reminding you of an alarm again, whenever you click the snooze button on the dialog that springs up in front of you to announce the alarm).

If you have any problems at all, I'd love to hear from you!

Gary Williams