The SoftOrganiser is a simple emulation of a pocket organiser with a difference, the main difference being that softorganiser will (eventually) compile and run on many different platforms, and share contact details and schedules heterogenously across those multi-platform computers.

The program has been built in several stages. The final stage is completed so, time permitting, work may soon be started on some of the features listed in the specification as "optional features". The most important of these "optional features" is support for many different operating systems, especially the Macintosh and Redhat Linux. A taskbar applet for Windows 9X is also on this list, so that the program can be minimised to sit as an icon beside the system clock, (the same will possibly be done for X Windows).

If anyone is interested in helping with this, or if, on the other hand, you want me to change something in the program to better suit your intended use, email me.


This work is licensed under the General Public License (GPL), and as such is free for use for any purpose, and comes without any warranty.

This work is hosted at, sponsors for open source development.