This program will open contacts and schedules saved in the older versions of this program. If you like the program, please send me an email telling me something about yourself and how you are going to use the program.


Please select the following link to see the various versions that are available:


For each release listed, you'll see the source installer, (for people that want to customise the program for their own use), and a program installer (for people that simply want to use the program).

Note that this is compiled using a compiler like VC5 (or newer), and using the wxwindows cross platform toolkit. So far, an old version of wxwindows has been used to build SoftOrganiser. For this reason a link below will enable you to download the kit used to build SoftOrganiser. SoftOrganiser should be "cut over" to a current version of the wxwindows classes soon.


Download wxwindows 2.1.16 Installer


Note: This older version of wxwindows was only necessary to compile versions of SoftOrganiser before version 1.08b. Any version newer than this should compile using the latest wxwindows kit, available from